Jogjakarta has many  tourist destinations such as Borobudur Temple the biggest Buddhist temple, Prambanan Temple the biggest Hindu temple, Jogjakarta City, Mt Merapi, Pindul Cave where visitors make cave tubing, Timang Beach where visitors could ride gondola, Jomblang Cave  where visitors make rappelling down up , Mangunan Pines Forest where visitors make selfie , Dieng Plateau where visitors visit the oldest temple, crater and color lake, and Sukuh and Cetho Temples  where visitors visit the temple with unique architectures, and many popular tourist destinations (artificial tourist destinations)

To visit the tourist destinations in Jogjakarta as mentioned above,  we offer you tour packages on customers request (tailor made tour packages) that consist  transport, tour guide, entrances tickets, and accommodation but also we offer you transport only (that consist van driver and fuel)  if you want to be more flexible with your itineraries.

Most wanted tour packages, that you can take to visit Borobudur Temple

  1. Borobudur Sunrise  Tour from Jogjakarta
    Tour to see sunrise and visit Borobudur temple, by starting early in the morning with , advantages of this tour are: passing through by VIP entrances gate,  good sunlight to take picture on the stone, less domestic visitors,  with itinerary as followed
    03.30- leave hotel drive to Borobudur
    05.00- take entrances tickets at Manohara and climb up to the top of temple
    05.00 to 06.00 – Enjoy sunrise
    06.00 to 07.30 – Visiting temple, see the story of Buddha depicting on the wall of the temple
    07.30 –  take morning coffee break
    08.00 – transfer back to JogjakartInclusions
    1. Transport (van driver fuel and parking fees)
    2. Tour guide
    3.  Sunrise entrances Tickets
    4.  Morning Coffee break and souvenirsBorobudur Sunrise Tour could be combined with tour as followed
    Prambanan Temple tour to visit the biggest Hindu Temple
    Merapi Lava Tour, light adventure riding jeep passing theough the Kaliadem Village
    Candi Rejo Village Tour, visiting nearest village from Borobudur  see the daily people activities
    Jogjakarta City Tour, visiting Sultan palace, Tamansari , batik and Silver home industry
    Selo Griyo Village Tour, visiting the temple, passing through terraces rice fiels
    Dieng Plateau Tour, visiting oldest temple in Java dated at 7th century, Crater with hod mud, color lake, and beautiful potatoes fields and mountain villages along the routes
    Jomblang Cave Tour, rappelling down to the bottom the cave
    Timang Beach Tour , visiting the island with cable gondola

2. Setumbu Hill Sunrise and Borobudur Tour from Jogjakarta
Tour to visit Borobudur Temple starting at 03.30 to have  sunrise at others location , not in Borobudur Temple, with advantages this tour are:  lower price than Borobudur sunrise,  tour is in daylight,  tour with alternative locations in

Sunrise at Kaliadem Merapi by Jeep
Sunrise at Situmbu Hill near Borobudur temple
Tour itinerary as followed:
06.00 – leave this locations as mentioned to Borobudur Temple
07.00 –  start from first level to second level where you can see the relief of story Buddha and statues in different hand s until the third levels where you can see the stupas
09.00 – going down the temple and transfer back to Jogjakarta

1. Transport (van driver fuel and parking fees)
2. Tour guide
3. Entrances Tickets
Sunrise Borobudur Tour could be combined with tours as mentioned above

3. Borobudur One day Tour from Semarang Port
A day shore excursion from Semarang Port to Borobudur Temple that designed for cruise ships passengers docking at Semarang cruise Port to visit Borobudur Temple. We offer tour to Borobudur with  best tour itinerary special designed for the cruise ship’s passenger from Tanjung Mas Semarang Port to Borobudur, itinerary as followed:

08.00 – or later according to ship schedule
Meeting service with our staff and drive directly to Borobudur Temple, need 2,5 hour passing through tollway to skip city center.
10.30 –  Arrive at the Borobudur temple visit the temple, step by step climb up to the top where the stupa (with Buddha statues inside) located.

10.00– this is the time to visit the Borobudur temple the biggest Buddhist temple in the world built in Central Java at 8th century, the temple symbolized on golden age of the Javanese Kingdom, that compound by 3 level Kamadatu, Rupadatu where you can see relief of Buddha life depicting on the wall of temple and Arupadatu higher level where you can see 72 stupa where 1 of ones considered as the crown of Borobudur Temple.
13.00 – Your lunch time at local Indonesian food restaurant
14.00– Going back to Semarang Port/pier
16.00– Arrive at Semarang Port drop off to your ship, End of journey and service

1. Transport (including mpv type van or tourist bus, driver, fuel, tolls and parking fee)
2. VIP Entrances Tickets via VIP Gate where less souvenir vendors and less distances to Temple
3. Tour guide English Speaking or language spoken on requested
4. Lunch at hygienic local restaurant
5. Police Escort only for group more than 30 people

Further information, questions and request quotation, please contact us 

4. Merapi Full Trekking tour
special trekking tour to climb up to top of Merapi stat from Selo Village, a start point of trekking tour located on the north of Mount Merapi organized from Jogjakarta with itinerary as followed:

Day 1
22.00 -Pickup from any location in Jogjakarta and transfer to Selo Village
24.00- Arrive at ranger homebased and meet our local team to have explanation how to go to the top, prepare your self to start trek.
01.00 Climb up passing trough the footpath and post control to reach until the higher area at Pasar Bubrah peak.
05.00 to 06.00- Arrive on the top at the sunrise moment and see the panoramic view where you can see the others volcanoes summit in around of Mount Merapi if the weather permit.
06.00 Going down to start point passing by same footpath to Selo Village
09.00 Arrive at home base, take a morning coffee break and drive back to Jogjakarta
12.00 arrive at Jogjakarta transfer to hotel End of service

Tour inclusions
1. transport from Jogjakarta Selo Village and back to Jogjakarta
2. Entrances tickets and other admission fees
3. Local Tour guide
4. Light breakfast after trekking at start point

Further information, questions and request quotation, please contact us