Mount Merbabu Full Trekking Tour

Merbabu Full Trekking Tour  and special trekking tour to climb up to top of Mount Merbabu, also stat from Selo Village a start point located on the north of Mount Merapi, this tour is alternative if Merapi is close due to visitors security , organized by depart  from Jogjakarta.
This tour may take longer time than Merapi Full trekking tour, with itinerary as followed:

day 1
19.00 -Pickup from any location in Jogjakarta and transfer to Selo Village.
22.00 – Arrive at ranger homebased and meet our local team to have explanation how to go to the top, prepare your self to start trek. 22.30 – Climb up passing trough the footpath and post control to reach until the higher area.

Day 2
05.00 to 06.00 – Arrive on the top at the sunrise moment and see the panoramic view where you can see the others volcanoes summit in around of Mount Merbabu if the weather permit.
06.00 – Going down to start point passing by same footpath to Selo Village
12.00 – Arrive at home base, take a morning coffee break and drive back to Jogjakarta
15.00 – arrive at Jogjakarta transfer to hotel End of service

Tour inclusions
1. Transport (van driver fuel ) from Jogjakarta Selo and back to Jogjakarta
2. Entrances Tickets and admission fees
3. Local Trekking tour guide
4. Light breakfast at Start Point

Further information and request a quotation please contact us